Best Ever Places to Spend Christmas Holidays

Christmas is the most awaited festival and holiday season for all people around the world. It does not matter what is their religion, age, or gender! December is truly the most awaited month of the year. Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations around the world for people by Feasting, Caroling, gift giving along with prayers and wishes. People are busy in drawing schedules for shopping, ordering gifts for their loved ones, and preparing travel plans to spend some memorable time with their families in December.

Following are some of the top places to spend your forgettable holidays:

Lapland, Finland

Every year thousands of visitors around the world visit Santa Clause Village and Santa Park in Lapland, Finland. People in Europe had more awareness to this Santa Clause Village and Santa Park. This park mostly attracts children with impressive ice sculptures and quaint shops.

New York, United States

In New York the world famous Christmas tree is at Rockefeller Centre, it is the centerpiece for city-wide Christmas display. In New York, the Christmas events are full of decoration and lighting. During the month of December, the snow falling makes the locals gawk like tourists.

Quebec, Canada

Quebec is one of the best places for celebrating Christmas. It’s been environmentally friendly, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, outdoor enthusiasts and offers opportunities for hiking.

Tromso, Norway

If you want rare treat for longer evening, then Tromso, Norway has beautiful view of Northern lights as the day is just a couple of hours of twilight.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, Spain Christmas holiday spirit stay all year long starting from January. You experience the holidays with fireworks, canons and unbelievable parade of elephants, camels and giraffes.

Durango, Colorado

If you want to celebrate Christmas in the outdoors mountain, then Durango, Colorado is the place where you can celebrate mountain Christmas with natural surroundings, hype and fanfare.

Edinburgh, Scotland

If you want to celebrate vivid Christmas then you should visit Edinburgh, Scotland.  Here, Christmas events include lots of light shows and fireworks and the universe feels like Gorgeous World.

Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico

If you want tropical Christmas adventure then Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico will experience you in all etiquette of lights, partying, and food.

Charlestone, South Carolina

If you want Christmas in Southern flair then Charlestone, South Carolina is the place you need to visit. This beautiful American city offers warm hospitality with delicious oddities, like eggnog spiked and shrimp with grits.

Prague, Czech Republic

You should visit city of Prague if you want to experience Christmas in Ancient European, with beautiful churches, ancient history and culture Prague offer unforgettable Christmas holiday with its incredible Gothic and Baroque architecture, mind-blowing Christmas decorations.

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